Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Wants to Stay THERE??

Our new(ish) home has 3BR on the main level. The layout lends itself well to having a little one. Yet, it also tends to cause our "guest bedroom" to become the dumping ground for the things I am too busy, er - lazy, to take upstairs. This is what we had after several weeks of neglect ...
I spent several hours sorting, trashing, and putting things where they belong. Thank goodness, we ended up with a much more peaceful space that seems inviting to guests now. I think our friends will be glad to come stay a few days!It is so nice to have another usable space in out home. This room also has my desk and Bible study materials in it. I am so eager to have a dedicated space to dive back into the Word. I am eager for a fresh breath from God and so glad to have a quiet, calm space to seek Him!

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  1. Looks great! A very nice, cozy and organized room.

  2. I loved it!!! It was a very quiet and nice retreat! ;)

  3. It is nice to have every room in order, whether or not it is used daily.