Saturday, May 30, 2009

June Menu Plan

It's going to be a busy month for us - packing, moving, and settling in to a new place. I am planning to keep our meals simple and stick to our favorites while trying to use as much as possible from the pantry and freezer. There will be oodles of chicken used in the next few weeks since I have about 15 pounds of it in the freezer. I'm also turning back to my crock pot to help out while I spend as much time as possible with little man before the big move. I found a new recipe for banana bread also. It is much more decadent than our standard loaf and I'll use it more for a dessert than as a breakfast bread.


40 clove garlic chicken, egg noodles, carrots
Egg rolls and Asian coleslaw
Chicken quesadillas with refried black beans
Red wine and cranberry glazed pot roast, rice, broccoli with cheese sauce
Spaghetti, garlic breadsticks, salad
Grilled chicken - 2 or 3 times - served hot off the grill or chilled on salads
Homemade pizza - 2 times
Crock pot country style ribs, coleslaw, baked beans
Creamy Italian Chicken in crock pot with pasta and broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix
Sour Cream Chicken with rice, mushroom gravy, and broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix

Baking, Breakfast, Snacks:

Bacon and Cheddar biscuits - double batch for DH
Chocolate Chip biscuits
Waffles or pancakes - I'll make them this week and double the batch for easy breakfasts thru the month
Blueberry Lemon bread
Whole wheat banana strawberry muffins
Little man has been asking to make popsicles, so we'll be trying those later this week too!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - May 18

We didn't eat many of our planned meals last week, but we did eat every day! Most of the deviation came from our house being on the market and late afternoon showings. That's okay with me since it led to an offer! Hooray - under contract in 2 weeks. God is so good!!!! We also found a house that we love and the sellers accepted our bid. It's going to be a wild month here with inspections, packing, closing, and then moving. I am still planning to post a monthly menu plan for June, although it will be packed with easy meals and some tips for cook once, eat twice meals. Look for it later this week.

I'm going to be pretty un-inspiring over the next few week - head over to for more ideas!

Weeknight Dinners:
Baking and Snacks:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - May 11

I realized that I skipped last week. I didn't really mean to, but Monday got away from me and then it seemed silly to post on Tuesday. So - back to the routine this week! I am making a concerted effort this week to avoid the grocery store. I have more than enough food here, I just need to be creative in using it up.

Weeknight Dinners:
Baking, Freezer Cooking, Breakfasts:
I'll also be making 2 big batches of brownies for the youth chicken BBQ at our church. It will be a fun week at our house - little man starts karate lessons Monday and we'll be celebrating Daddy's birthday on Thursday.

For hundreds more menu plans, visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Bake or Buy?

I enjoy baking for my family. It's therapeutic and helps me to feel like I am fulfilling the role God designed for me as a wife and mother. However, the analytical side of me has wondered if some things are cheaper to buy (especially with grocers tripling coupon values). I saw this article on MSN yesterday and am thrilled that someone has done some of the work for me. I will wonder no more!

Creative Ideas for Summer Fun

Summer is almost upon us and if you are anything like me, you are looking for fun, creative, and inexpensive things to do with your children. I am no expert, but here are a few ideas for enjoying the warm days ahead.
  • Check out your local Parks & Rec Department for free or nearly free programs for your children. Our town offers Open Art and Open Gym once per week at $1.00 per session, Picnic with Professionals once per week at a local park for free (police officers, fire fighters, SPCA reps), all sorts of sports programs for an average cost of $3.00 per week, art programs, nature programs, preschool cooking, gymnastics, and so much more!
  • If you have museums nearby, visit their websites to learn about children's programs over the summer. We have 5 different museums in town here and each one is offering some type of summer fun day for preschoolers. Most are free!
  • One of my favorites is visiting a farmer's market - the sites, smells, and tastes are always a hit with little ones. This season is wonderful for picking your own fresh fruit. We have strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry fields nearby and will be visiting them all soon.
  • Spend some time on Google looking for a mom's bulletin board in your local area. This one for Raleigh was started last year and is a great resource.
  • Libraries!!! Oh my goodness - did you know that libraries have so much more than books now?
One thing I am going to be working on this summer is taking a step back from what I think should get done every day. I could very easily spend most days puttering around the house, cleaning, organizing, and cooking. Well ... that's not possible with an active almost 4 year old at home all summer. I am going to constantly remind myself that meals must be easy, baking will be kept to a minimum, and that the house cleaning can wait. After all - if we're out and about every day, the house shouldn't get dirty anyway!

Most of all - ENJOY your time with your children this summer!

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Menu Plan

We did it - dove head first into this crazy real estate market! We know that God is in control of this situation. He has already provided abundantly for us as we have made this decision - a wonderful Realtor and the time and energy to get some of the work done that was required. Lots and lots of painting has occurred in the past 2 weeks.

As I was contemplating the menu for May, I realized that things will have to be even more simple: easy to prep and clean up, nothing too smelly, and most likely not crock pot recipes. Hmmm ... that last one threw me for a loop. Easy to prep, clean up, and good smelling are standard ... but no crock pot? Yikes!!! I'm going to try some new recipes, pull out some old favorites, and rely on casseroles and the grill. we also have several nights away from home planned - Bunko night for me and my mom, a BBQ chicken dinner at church, a cookout with friends, DH's birthday is this month, and I'm sure we'll be at mom and dad's nearly every day after they "open" their pool.

Breakfasts, Breads, Snacks: