Monday, February 23, 2009

Monthly Menu Plan

Since the turn of the year, I have tried to menu plan for an entire month rather than week-to-week. It helps me to do a few things first:

~ Take stock of my pantry, freezer, and refrigerator near the end of month
~ Look at our schedule and mark out the nights right away that dinner is not to be done at home. In March, we have a birthday dinner for my mom and I know DH and I will have at least one date night.
~ I also know that thanks to the variety of grocery stores in our area, over the course of a month each of the following will go on sale at a good price: split chicken breasts, 80% ground beef, ground turkey. Fish, roasts, and pork are more sporadic, but I try to work those in as well.
~ Take a good, honest look at the hundreds of recipes I bookmark each month and pull out a few based on prep time, cost of ingredients (no strawberries in December!), and the eating patterns of little man.

This month, I am going to incorporate some fruit and veggie purees and try to up the nutritional content of some of our faves. I will post our March menu plan later this week - recipes, links, tips, and all!

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