Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Your Personality Different From Your Child's?

Somewhere along the way through schooling and the adventures into adulthood, most of us have taken a personality assessment. The widely used Myers Briggs test can be found everywhere from college dorms to workplaces to - yes! - even churches. I just had to go take this again - the short, free online version - because I had long since forgotten my type. I firmly believe my personality has changed over the years. I am now an ISTJ although I am sure I used to be an EN something something. So ... back to the original question. Is your personality style inherently at odds with your child's personality?

Mine is and I am praying every day that God gives me the grace to nurture our sweet little man and that He gives me just enough discomfort to know that He is the only way I am succeeding. How is my personality different from our son's? Let me count the ways ...

  • Little man is a complete and total extrovert. He is happy as a lark when around many other children in a loud place. I, on the other hand, am generally pretty anti-social. I enjoy the company of a few close friends and family, but am just as content with a book and the quiet of the back porch.
  • Little man requires little - if any - time to decompress and "chill out" during the day. We are working VERY hard on a consistent schedule that includes quiet time. Both for his sanity and mine :)
  • Little man is an avid talker! I do know, thanks to my sweet mom, that I was exactly the same as a child. So, I can't be too upset about this one. But, DH and I have decided on our new favorite game - who can be the quietest for the longest time. Little man never wins!
What about you? Are you finding yourself pushed, challenged, extended, and learning new and different things due to your child's personality?

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