Thursday, March 26, 2009

April Menu Plan

Yes, I do know that it is March 26 and I am totally OCD for planning April's menu already. Now that we've established that fact, let's move along to the food!

DH finally 'fessed up that he does not really like this recipe. And that he's not a fan of whole wheat flour as a standard substitute in savory things (think pizza crust and biscuit dough). After almost 10 years of marriage, I think we're turning a corner with food - DH is sharing his opinion! He is very kind a gracious about it, as he is about all things. He usually just eats whatever I put down in front of him. I value his opinion and am actually excited to get - a bit - of feedback. The real blessing in this is that now I get to try more new things! And you all know how I love to try new recipes!

Chicken and Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Taco Pinwheel, salad
Vegetable beef soup (from the freezer), cornbread muffins
3 - Pizza - we'll try this crust recipe this month
Turkey breast in crock pot (thaw, rinse, dry ... put in with 2 heads of garlic and 2 cups white wine or chicken broth, cook 8 hours on low)
Open-faced turkey sandwiches
2 - Spaghetti with homemade sauce, salad, garlic bread
2 - Meatloaf cups
Peach glazed ham for Easter
Pork carnitas in crock pot
Aussie chicken, sweet potatoes, veggie
Pepperoni cheese bread, carrot and celery sticks
Hamburgers on the grill
Fish on the grill
Steaks on the grill
Beef tacos
Salmon patties
Homemade chicken tenders, corn, fries
Chicken a la king
40 clove garlic chicken, egg noodles, carrots
Chicken burritos
Jambalaya and black eyed peas

Snacks, Breakfast and Baked Goods:
Cream Cheese Wontons
Raspberry sour cream muffins
Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit cups
Almost Nutri-Grain bars
Chocolate chip biscuits
Banana bread

I am sure each week will include other recipes and ideas not listed here, but this is the start of a good month at our house. I hope you find new inspiration here!

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