Friday, March 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - March 23

It is now officially Spring and I could not be much happier! Spring is the time of year when DH and I do yard work and try to get projects done around the house. I am currently working hard to get our 2nd bathroom cleaned up/out and redone before we have company at the end of the week. Spring is also when DH gets both propane tanks filled in anticipation of grilling out. It is supposed to be a little chilly here for one more week, so grilling will probably start in force at the first of April.

Since this is the last full week of the month, I'm referring back to my monthly menu plan and making sure I have incorporated all the recipes I wanted to try. As always, visit Org Junkie for hundreds of great menus each week!

Monday -
B: Banana bread and yogurt
D: Chicken enchiladas with Spanish rice
Bake: Whole wheat cinnamon rolls (I tried these last weekend and they were more like cinnamon hockey pucks ... I'll try again!)

Tuesday -
B: with a little luck, we'll be eating yummy cinnamon rolls (or cold cereal!)
D: Aussie chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli
Prep: meatloaf cups out of freezer

Wednesday -
B: waffles with raspberry sauce
D: Meatloaf cups ... maybe with mushroom gravy, rice, and carrots
Bake: Chewy granola bars
Prep: pork chops out of freezer

Thursday -
B: oatmeal
D: Apricot orange pork chops, rice, corn
Bake: Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Bible study

Friday - busy day with Bible study and company coming
B: scrambled eggs and toast
D: Pork egg rolls, Asian slaw, and raspberry cobbler
Prep: Overnight French toast casserole

Saturday -
B: French toast casserole
D: Sideline sausage soup (from freezer) with chili cornbread muffins

Sunday -
B: DH will likely make pancakes and bacon
D: Jambalaya in the crock pot and black eyed peas

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