Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August Menu Plan

Is summer really almost over? With our move and getting settled in, several weeks slipped by and I long for them back now. We intend to savor every late sunset, afternoon thunderstorm, and opportunity to swim and grill God grants us this month. A few weeks ago, after the move, I began to feel discontent with our eating situation again. It's amazing how quickly we slipped back into fast food, eating poorly, and scrambling for dinner come 5:00 every night.

So, even though it's still a relaxed time of year - it's definitely time for our structure to be back in the kitchen. We have several fun things coming up this month including a wonderful weekend event at church, Vacation Bible School (with dinner!), a party to welcome a new baby for our friends, and girl's night out. Here's what I have planned for this month. There are lots of links and recipes for you to use in your own homes also. Enjoy!


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