Monday, August 17, 2009

Over-run With Magazines

Does anyone else have a problem with magazines? Sure, they are shiny, colorful, and - sometimes - chock full of good information. Then, there are the rest ... they turn up when you least expect it, can't be recycled in the curbside box, and may have 1 good paragraph among 200 pages of drivel. There are VERY few magazines I love, but 3 that I adore are Consumer Reports, Kraft Food & Family, and Lowe's Creative Ideas. We keep 1 year of CR and I keep all of the issues of the other 2. So, what to do with them? Not this:

I spent less than 15 miunutes today and organized, separated, and put them in chronological order. The result - one happy lady!

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1 comment:

  1. Cool! I have magazine issues, too.
    I don't keep them around forever, I just have issues getting around to reading them in a timely manner, and storing them decently in the meantime. =P

    Amber @ ClassicHousewife