Monday, November 9, 2009

Baking Day - the "plan"

I am feeling the urge to have a baking day where I will precook and bake - duh! - several things to stock the freezer. This method of bulk cooking has been a wonderful thing for us. I will either get complete meals ready to do the majority of prep work so putting dinner together is a snap on busy days - or tired days. Here are some recipes I am considering for an upcoming day. I am hoping to fit in at least a half day session this week.
  • Brown 10 lb ground beef with garlic and onions; portion into meal size bags and freeze
  • Roast 10 lb split chicken with butter, salt, and pepper; shred and freeze in meal size portions
  • I have about 5 lbs of baby peppers that MUST be dealt with before a good deal goes dreadfully wrong
  • Oh, and some baby carrots too - probably should chop those up so as not to let another good deal get away from me
Breakfast and Snack Options:

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