Monday, December 28, 2009

Eat From the Pantry

I am constantly amazed at the way God works in my life. I have been fretting a bit over cutting our expenses further as I may be facing some changes at work this year. Then, while trolling around my favorite blogs tonight, I saw this post at Amy's Finer Things. I followed the links and ended back at one my all time favorites, Money Saving Mom. I have followed Crystal of and on for several years and am always inspired. So, I could not pass up this challenge. If you want to join us, go visit Crystal at Money Saving Mom!

My Goals:
  • A complete inventory of 2 freezers, 2 refrigerators, and one big pantry
  • Cap our grocery budget for January at $50 per week. We are in need of some paper products from our local warehouse club, but I will work to source those items at the grocery and use coupons to our advantage.
  • Get rid of all the complete junk in our pantry - how does this accumulate so quickly over the holidays?
  • I have been doing monthly menu plans for a little over a year now. My continued goal is to refine them, reduce trips to the store, and overall increase nutrition while reducing cost.


  1. Good luck! I am trying to work up the motivation to join in this challenge too.

  2. Good luck with the challenge! I'm all ready to dive in starting tomorrow! Happy New Year!